FIFA World Cup 2022 Groups: Matches, Time and Complete Schedule with Locations

The World Cup 2022 takes place in Qatar from November 21 to December 18th. Furthermore, 32 teams will compete, with eight groups consisting of four nations each. Here we will look into the 8 mighty groups who will fight for their country in the world largest country level football competition, FIFA World Cup 2022. Lets dig into some of exciting news and latest updates on the qualified groups for FIFA World Cup 2022.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Groups

Lets get into some details about FIFA 2022 World Cup Groups. Moreover, we will look into the smaller details and the chances of each groups qualifying teams with the comparison on the basis of players performing at club level in the previous years.

Group A: Qatar(Host), Netherlands, Senegal, Ecuador

Group A in the FIFA World Cup has been set, and Qatar will be left ruing its luck given that many an expert predictions predicted them to at least make it out of their group. The Dutch are back in the World Cup, but they’re not alone. Senegal won’t miss out after their successful AFCON campaign and Ecuador was drawn against them from Pot 4 to round things off for group stage.

Group B: USA, Iran, Wales and England

The 2022 FIFA World Cup has been set with Group B after Wales defeated Ukraine in a European playoff to join the threesome of teams — England, USA and Iran— previously drawn into this group at April’s Draw.

Group C: Argentina Saudi Arabia Mexico Poland

With Argentina and Poland on the grid, it will be one of the toughest groups to pass through as Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowsky the killer striker is in his prime form right now. Considering the fact that Mexican Players are tough to beat and score goals but especially for Lionel Messi, this is going to be a crucial world cup.

Group D: France, Australia, Denmark and Tunisia

This group is surely a nail biting competition group where the defending champions France will go head to head with Australia which is quite unpredictable country when it comes to sporting events. On that note, Denmark is tough warlock to go face to face.

Since France has been nurturing some great players in the past couple of years in huge club football leagues, it might be easy for them in group stage but who knows what they get to face in the Round of 16.

Group E: Spain, Costa Rica, Germany and Japan

FIFA World Cup 2022 is on its way and by the end of this year, we will know you will be crowned as the champion of world football. This group is known as the most difficult group of all times, where all the footballing giants comes together. Spain is clearly one of the toughest team to beat but then again its Costa Rica, German and Japan facing them. For Football fans, this group will be a treat to watch specifically.

Group F: Belgium Canada Morocco Croatia

WE believe that this group has the most versatile players as Croatia and Belgium are the teams to produce one of the most creatives and impactful playmakers like Luka Modric and Kevin De Bruyne. This wont be easy for the other teams such as Canada and Morocco to compete against these giants. However, FIFA is always a stage where you can never underestimate anyone since every team brings in their A game to the field.

Group G: Brazil Serbia Switzerland Cameroon

Most loved footballing nation, Brazil will be back in action as football is a religion to them. For many years, Brazil is not able to make a mark in the competition but this time it looks like they are coming big with players like Neymar, Vinicius Jr, Gabriel Jesus, Fernandinho and much more. However, for other teams including Serbia, Swiss men and Cameroon it is kind to say that it will be a tough one to say who comes in to the Round of 16 stage.

Group H: Portugal Ghana Uruguay South Korea

Qatar 2022 will see Cristiano Ronaldo compete in what could be his World Cup finale, and he has a real chance of making the latter stages, as Portugal arguably look like the strongest side in Group H. Ronaldo and his teammates will be joined by Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea in the group stage, following the draw conducted in Doha on April 1.