Qatar World Cup 2022 : Accor Recruits Temporary Workers

Accor hotel management company is hiring up to 12,000 temporary workers. The employees hired in this process have a responsibility to manage 65,00 empty rooms and homes in Qatar.

This initiative taken by the company will certainly assist fans to settle for a reasonable accommodation. Qatar did not want to lack in the availability for hotels for fans. Even though the country is ready to provide a shuttle service from Oman, UAE, Kuwait and other middle east countries.

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What is Qatar hoping?

On the accommodation website, the country has up to 25,000 hotels or apartments already booked. Still the country is offering 100,000 more rooms. In less than 100 days to the Qatar World Cup 2022, the country sold almost 2.5 Million Tickets.

During the competition in November and December. Qatar hopes to draw 1.2 million visitors, or over half of its population. Qatar Airways is providing travel packages for the country.

What else is Qatar offering for the World Cup 2022?

Qatar is offering a wide range for affordable accommodation as well. Such as self catering apartment in hotels is also an option. The in house cabin is also among the easy stay.

Serviced West Bay apartments start at £260, while the Barwa Al Janoub resort starts at £80. For £700, a six-bed villa can sleep up to 12 people. Apartments in Lusail cost $220 per night.

The cruise liners are also available for the stay for fans. The 4,000-cabin capacity cruise ships, which will be located at Doha Port and act as floating hotels. It will give visitors a breathtaking view of the West Bay city.

Bookings for the Qatar World Cup 2022

Fans who are planning to stay in Qatar for the World Cup 2022 must pre-book the accommodations. If there are is no record of a certain fan’s booking then the country will not provide them with the Hayya Card.

According to Qatar Tourism, the Gulf Arab state has fewer than 30,000 hotel rooms. Among which FIFA’s regulatory body blocking 80 percent of those rooms for official guests.

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