Qatar Will Use Drones To Protect FIFA World Cup Stadiums

Qatar will use drones to help protect FIFA World Cup Stadiums from potential attacks, the BBC reported on Friday. After a contract with Qatar’s interior ministry, Fortem Technologies will offer the fighter drones.

The agreement shows rising concerns about the danger that drone strikes could pose generally. Fortem claims that this method reduces the chance of injury. It can also result from using guns to bring down drones in populated areas and hotels near various stadiums.

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Fortem Technologies to protect FIFA World Cup Stadiums

The company reportedly said the “agreement reflects growing fears about the threat potential drone attacks pose in general.” The US-based company claims that it has installed anti-drone systems at various sporting events.

Fortem Technologies has also donated portable versions of its technology to Ukraine, and is currently working on anti-drone measures for UK airports. Small consumer drones are taken down by autonomous, radar-guided defender drones by firing nets to capture the target drone. Which may later transported to a different place.

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Risk of drone attacks

The possibility of drone attacks by terrorists has grown as a result of the technology’s increased accessibility. Dr. Steve Wright from University of the West of England believes that partially the commercial drones can convert into weapons. Smaller drones can cause problems, but Fortem’s warns that when the pace of the attacking drones increases, it will become difficult to stop them.

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How will the drones work?

According to the company, there have been “live kills” at various security locations throughout the world. But since the drones operate “about a mile distant from the stadium”, the roar of the crowd won’t be accompanied by the drones’ buzz.

The drone’s control signals can be interfered with by other methods to prevent them. Fortem claims terrorists may launch drones on pre-planned flight patterns.

“The reason our business is skyrocketing is because terrorists don’t use joysticks. Terrorists don’t show up in your parking lot with a joystick. These drones are programmed, so they can’t be jammed,” Mr Bean says.

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