Ground control in Qatar prepares for FIFA World Cup Crises

The ground control in Qatar needs to prepare for any FIFA World Cup Crises in advance. In the eight stadiums used for the World Cup in Qatar. The technicians are responsible in managing the temperature, gates, 15,000 cameras, and security.

All stadiums will be controlled by the Aspire control and command center. As Qatar employs all available technological means to track the estimated one million or more visitors from the moment they step off the plane until they leave the country.

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What is Qatar doing for the country’s security?

Qatar is taking up all the necessary measures for it’s safety and security. The country even partnered with the Fortem Technologies for drone cameras. Also the country took assistance from several security organizations to handle any FIFA World Cup Crises.

According to the organizers, the control center packed with sensors and alarms will serve as a model for the international sporting event. As it must protect against thugs, natural disasters, terrorism, and other threats.

Other strategy used as Qatar prepares for the FIFA World Cup Crises

The fans already went through an important filtering during the ticket purchasing. Even anyone visiting the country during the FIFA World Cup will have to carry a Hayya card all times.

Face-recognition tech CCTV cameras will track people around the streets of Doha. Experts from Qatar University have created drone surveillance systems that will provide the most accurate estimate of the number of people on the streets.

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What happens if there is any FIFA World Cup Crises?

Any alarm in a stadium flashes up on the screens instantly. The data crunching will begin immediately. In the event of an alert or a damaged equipment, the monitors can also check virtual images of each stadium to determine the best route to each room or piece of equipment.

By placing other stadiums on various alert levels, security can handle an incident that happens at one stadium. Also, simultaneously take the safety measures.

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