FIFA World Cup Volunteers begins their training in style

After a rigid selection for the FIFA World Cup Volunteers the authorities are beginning to provide them with outstanding trainings. Of course while working for a huge global sporting event the Volunteers need to prepare in a right manner.

The Volunteering program indeed offers a learning of the lifetime and provide several benefits. Over 16,000 volunteers are a part. Hence, they were gathered at the Lusail Stadium for the official orientation.

FIFA World Cup Volunteers from around the globe

The authorities have been selecting the FIFA World Cup Volunteers for over half year. After the selection process there are still almost 500,000 applications available from all across the world.

In addition to the 20,000 local volunteers. 4,000 more volunteers from overseas will join the program. The volunteers are people of all ages and genders, representing 180 nations on six continents.

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Training in process

The presentation of the official volunteer uniform was among the evening’s highlights. The adidas-designed outfit features the brand’s triple-stripe detail and an unique heart logo design to represent the volunteer spirit.

It is styled in the traditional volunteer colors of black, white, mint, and purple. A complete outfit consisting of hats, long and short sleeve tops, jackets, slacks, socks, and shoes is provided for volunteers. As well as optional head scarves for female volunteers.

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FIFA World Cup Volunteers training

By providing everyone with a preview of the difficulties and opportunities ahead. The event evening aimed to create a stronger sense of community and assist everyone become more familiar with unique activities across 45 different functional responsibilities.

The volunteer journey was presented through video presentations. It also included a look at the e-learning platform where volunteers can enroll in general subject training. 

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Volunteers will begin their general and role-specific training online for the phases of their volunteer experience. It will be followed by stadium training in the actual locations where they will be placed and performing their tasks.

One of the last steps is the in-person venue-specific training, which offers volunteers a realistic taste of the duties they will be carrying out in the actual venues.

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