FIFA World Cup Scandals shocks the entire world

According to the reports, Qatar has bid their way into being the host nation. The on going FIFA World Cup Scandals are making the country a controversial choice.

The World Cup in Qatar promises to be typically outstanding. The matches are already scheduled for the audience viewers but the controversies around Qatar are not easily to get rid of.

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So, what are the FIFA World Cup Scandals?

The first question arrived regarding the FIFA World Cup Scandals that how it came to be awarded as a host. The US department of justice even claimed that the FIFA officials were actually bribed by Qatar.

Another interesting question raised about its sustainability. Although Qatar and FIFA together claims that they have taken every measure to look after the sustainable factor. Some critics says that it is not possible and this event will create a bad impact on earth.

Human Rights Violation

Most importantly, there are ethical concerns with awarding a competition with significant infrastructure requirements to a country whose labor laws are governed by a structure that Human Rights Watch has considered inconsistent.

According to reports and some eyewitnesses, the Qatari government used the “Kafala System” to enslave workers to build the event’s infrastructure. These accusations have been denied by the Qatari government and have taken initiative to discuss human right issue.

Worker exploitation and restriction without communication with the outside world have been the subject of some investigations by media outlets and organizations.

The Boycott Campaign

Fans, players and former members have all expressed their concern regarding the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. During the qualifying matches in Qatar, teams like Germany, Norway, Netherlands wore a human rights shirt to show their support.

Although, the event is going to take place as scheduled. The FIFA World Cup Scandals will be forever in everyone’s mind. The fans are super excited to attend the sporting event with Qatar providing numerous tourism options.

As the 2022 World Cup will give fans a last chance to watch their favorite players win. There will be many other new and young players to welcome in the tournament. But the dark side of the upcoming FIFA World Cup cannot be neglected as well.

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