FIFA World Cup Kits: Jerseys & Shirts For Qatar Finalists Revealed

The latest jersey designs for countries competing in the finals appear to be strongly focused on going back in time. A competition that is going to be different than the usual FIFA tournaments. This year each country participating has a unique FIFA World Cup Kits made for them.

The industry is obviously hoping that the fan demand for vintage jerseys turn into demand. These shirts take inspiration from the 1920s to the 1990s. All of the recent designs are by Puma. They emphasize the historical significance of their work by defining it as “bold, modern takes on retro vibes and football nostalgia”.

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Ghana has been qualified for every World Cup after 2006. They could not make it to the FIFA World Cup in 2018 but this year the team has been qualified. Their new shirt, described as “old-school Ghana cool”, is a white one with red, yellow and green trim around the sleeves.

The Black Star is at the center of the shirt, with the Ghana Football Association logo to the left and an open neck. Even the ball in the center of the FA’s logo has a retro vibe to it. It is also recalling the famous Telstar World Cup balls.


Morocco won a game at the finals in 1998. Hence, Morocco’s latest FIFA World Cup Kits pays tribute to the team that claimed the title. The Puma logo is in the center of the shirt. Two blocks of the dark green color around the Puma logo is also on the bottom of the sleeves too.

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation logo is to the left of center on a shirt reflecting the colors of the country’s flag.


The jersey from Senegal has a hooped collar with red, yellow, and green trim at the base of the sleeves. The Puma logo is to the right of the national colors. The green star is in the middle and the Senegalese Football Federation’s lion on the left of the shirt.


One of the first players wearing the new Uruguay jersey is Luis Suarez. It has the most vintage-looking collar and button combination of any jersey so far.

The gold, blue and white crest of the Uruguayan Football Association is to the left, with Puma’s logo to the right and a white trim on the collar and sleeves.

The new FIFA World Cup Kits

With the introduction of new technology and upgraded systems. FIFA has also introduced some of the stunning jerseys and shirts for teams. The shirts of each country represent their nation proudly. Even Adidas has introduced a new FIFA World Cup Kit for Argentina.

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