FIFA World Cup Criticism to end once the tournament begins

After four years for the first time the global tournament of FIFA World Cup is taking place in the Arab country. However, the Criticism regarding the venue is circulating all across in the world.

Nasser Al-Khater, the CEO of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar has mentioned multiple times about the criticism. He even stated that because of the constant critics the fans are buzzing out of the tournament.

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The Criticism

The major criticism which has been spreading the most is about Qatar bidding their way being a host country. According to the reports, the nation has bribed the FIFA Officials.

The question for sustainability has been raised. As the estimation arrival of number of people is more than three million. People raised concerns that so many flights will move leaving huge amount of emissions.

Another huge concern by people is about the migrant workers. It is said that so many workers have died in making of infrastructure. The huge eight stadiums and tourism spots.

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The reason given by the CEO about the FIFA World Cup Criticism

The World Cup CEO also addressed rumors about high accommodation expenses during the World Cup. He stated that certain hotel rooms can be booked for as affordable as $80 per night, with extreme luxury choices selling for as much as $5,478 per night. There are possibilities at every price point, according to Al-Khater.

He also included villas, hotel apartments, and camping grounds. Furthermore, prices are updated on a regular basis as additional hotel rooms and flats become available.

A lot of big brands such as Coca Cola, Hisense and Vivo have collaborated with the World Cup. Famous singers are also a part of the this global tournament. Hyundai and BTS also collaborated.

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