FIFA World Cup Ball : The worst and the best representation

After every four years, the biggest tournament in the world takes place. A lot of different things make the match more interesting such as technology, host country or the FIFA World Cup Ball.

Every time, a new design is introduced which represents one thing or another. Even the millions of replica balls are sold all around. The consideration is given to appearance and also the appropriate technology. The game’s lasting impact is also considered the globe.

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Fevernova is possibly one of the controversial FIFA World Cup Ball. The three-sided pattern, which similar of a rotating top or saw blade, did repeat itself around the ball from many angles.

It can only be seen once, giving the impression that the rest of the ball is plain white. Not the best, but an interesting move towards more daring designs.


The 2018’s Telstar is a modern version of a 1970 World Cup Ball. The long hexagon pattern had a blurry style that faded into the background color, white. 

After the more vibrant designs that came before it, a change of pace to a more measured design was welcome. Although, nothing about this design really connects to the World Cup or the host country. It could have been used for any league or competition.


The soccer ball for the World Cup held in Africa was named Jabulani, which translates to “Be Happy!”. Although the triangular shapes look mostly black from a distance, they actually have 11 different colors. Which is one for each of the 11 players on the field and the 11 official languages of South Africa.

This was the first ball to have a textured surface, which was meant to make it more stable. However, both goalkeepers and strikers criticized it for being extremely unpredictable in the air.


The Brazuca’s bold shapes and colors are the most daring design to date. Its catchy name is also very entertaining. Although there is a slight tribute to the earlier Tango designs in the dark areas where the panel joins. Hence this one really stands out as being truly original.

 Al Rihla – 2022 FIFA World Cup Ball


Al Rihla, which means “The Journey” in Arabic, is the name of one of the FIFA World Cup Ball 2022. It has one of the most vibrant designs ever for a World Cup. The colorful patterns on the overlapping triangular sections, which represents Qatar’s architectural styles.

Also making them appear fast and exciting. Despite being captured in a still image, it seems to be moving. Read more about Al-Rihla on Everything you need to know about 2022 World Cup Ball

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