Boost in Qatar Tourism in 2022 ahead of the FIFA World Cup

The increase in the Qatar Tourism in 2022 is already higher than the previous year. Even though the FIFA World Cup is yet to start. The boom in the tourism industry has proven the country about their approaches used to attract tourists.

Experts and economists confirmed that Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup would improve the country’s position on the world tourism.

In addition to the key requirements to host one of the major football events in the world. Qatar accepts mega projects and infrastructure, including hotels, luxurious parks, and stunning landscape.

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What is the expectation from the increase in Qatar Tourism in 2022?

The global sporting event is surely going to help in the boost of tourism industry in Qatar. Especially as the first middle east region is holding the biggest tournament it has increased the expectations automatically.

Qatar tourism is working with its partners. In order to improve its offerings, tourists experience and entertainment activities. Also to meet the expectations of fans. More people visiting will indirectly enhance the region’s position globally.

What else is Qatar offering?

According to Qatar Tourism, a number of factors, including events and tourist exhibitions have been held. Such as the Doha Jewelry & Watches Exhibition, one of the most significant and successful exhibitions in the country.

The country is an ideal destination for lovers of luxury, and other major sporting events, such as the Formula 1 Qatar Grand Prix, have all helped to increase the number of visitors to the state of Qatar.

Even for before the FIFA World Cup in November starts. Qatar is hosting a special match for the fans in the Lusail Stadium on the 9th of September.

Expectations after the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

The FIFA World Cup’s hosting will have a massive effect on the country’s tourism numbers going forward. Particularly with marketing initiatives for tourism in Qatar closely linked to the upcoming event.
With the World Cup Championship approaching, the number of tourists and visitors to Qatar will more than double. Qatar could develop into a popular tourist destination on a regional and global scale, particularly in the years following the World Cup.

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