How To Watch TF1 Live Online From Anywhere

Want to know how you can watch TF1 outside of France in 2022? Then I’ve got a solution. TF1 is a French streaming website that is available for free and is owned by TF1 Group, which is controlled by the Bouygues conglomerate. TF1’s average market share of 24% makes it the most prominent domestic network. TF1 is part of the TF1 Group of mass media companies, which also includes the news channel LCI. 

Whether you’re an expat and miss Francophone TV or are simply interested in French culture and entertainment, TF1 is unrivaled as a go-to source for French concepts! You can also access sporting events such as FIFA World Cup for the audience. Keep on reading to know everything about how to watch TF1 live online from anywhere.

Quick Steps to Watch TF1 Live Stream Online

TF1 is a French channel which has the official broadcasting rights of the FIFA World Cup 2022 . Follow the steps below to Watch TF1instantly without any hassle:

  • Signup for a Premium VPN (ExpressVPN Recommended)
  • Connect to a server in French
  • Watch all the FIFA World Cup matches on Watch VRT

Why Do You Need a VPN to Stream TF1 Outside of France?

Due to region-specific restrictions and licensing possession, TF1 is blocked outside France. Those countries don’t have a copyright and license to show TF1 programs.

You will require a quality VPN to get past geo-restrictions and stream French programs anywhere you want.

TF1-like channels and apps often operate an IP tracking system to catch the IP address of your streaming device and secure your access. But a VPN can support you by changing your IP address and connecting to a French server.

Follow the steps below to Watch TF1 instantly without any hassle:

  • Signup for a Premium VPN (ExpressVPN Recommended)
  • Connect to a server in France
  • Watch all the FIFA World Cup matches on Watch TF1

So with the use of a VPN, you bypass geo-restrictions and spoof the geo-location. A VPN virtually transports the device to France and tricks people into thinking that you are residing in France and allows you to access TF1.

Now even if you live in Poland or the UK, you can use a VPN and unblock TF1. 

Compatible Devices for Watching TF1

Fans can enjoy on-demand shows on any one of the following devices:

How to Watch TF1 on Android?

Follow these simple steps to watch the wholesome French content of TF1 on android whether it is on your smartphone or any other device. Firstly, Go to Google Play, create a new account and sign in. Then Accept configuration settings on your Android device. Next, Install TF1 from Google Play Store. Log in to your account and Enjoy streaming TF1 live online from anywhere.

How to Watch TF1 on an iOS Device?

It is very easy to download TF1 on your iOS device. Just Go to the Apple App Store and search for the “TF”1 app. Install the TF1 app and log in with your credentials. And you are done! You can now Enjoy watching your favorite shows on TF1 on iOS.

What Can I Watch on TF1 France?

You can watch TF1 online live TV as well as French TV shows and Sports. Some of the best shows on TF1 are mentioned below:

  • The Voice
  • Belle, Belle, Belle
  • FIFA World Cup 
  • Joséphine, Ange Gardien
  • Ghostface
  • UEFA Championship
  • Handball Euro 
  • Clem
  • Section De Recherches
  • Plan C
  • La Villa Des Coeurs Brisés
  • Spies!
  • Le Bazar de la Charité

How to Register On TF1

TF1 is free, and all you have to do is sign up for an account to use it on devices like iPhones, Android phones, and streaming boxes. Before registering, you can test the TF1 service to see if you like what they have to offer. If you are living outside France, then you will require a VPN to register TF1 then follow these easy steps! 

First of all, go toTF1‘s official website then Click on Créer un Compte in the top right corner of your screen.  Fill up the required fields, including your email address and password. Enter a valid French Zip Code. Valider et Continuer is the option to choose. Now go to your inbox and verify your account. You’re now a member of TF1 and can stream your favorite shows and news for free from anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TF1 available outside France?

No! Sadly, TF1 is restricted to people who are living in France only. However, you can use a good VPN to access TF1 anywhere you want.

Is TF1 free-to-air?

Yes, TF1 is a market leader in free-to-air television networks.

Can I watch TF1 on mobile devices?

Owners of the channel provide a special application MYTF1, which grants access to 5 channels of media holding: TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Séries Films, and LCI. The application is compatible with iOS and android platforms.

When was TF1 released?

It is a French-owned channel that was released on 6 January 1975.