How To Watch CyBC Live Online From Anywhere

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation or CyBC for short is a Cyprus public broadcaster. It’s one of the most famous Greek broadcasters and has 4 channels that provide all various types of Cyprus media as well as news. It’s a great broadcasting service for the Cypriot Diaspora residing in the US or Europe.

You can watch a lot of things through CyBC. It has Cypriot movies and tv shows  along with many foreign media as well. So, if you’re wondering how you can watch CyBC live from anywhere around the world, we got you. In this article we’ll guide you step by step on how to watch CyBC worldwide so you can watch your favorite Cypriot shows, sports like FIFA, or movies with ease!

Quick Steps to Watch CyBC Live Stream Online

CyBC is a Greek channel which has the official broadcasting rights of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Follow the steps below to Watch CyBC instantly without any hassle:

  • Signup for a Premium VPN (ExpressVPN Recommended)
  • Connect to a Greek server
  • Watch all the FIFA World Cup matches on Watch CyBC

How To Watch CyBC Live Online

CyBC has a website available for the people to enjoy watching their shows from any device. You can access the website on your android and iOS smartphone or Smart TV, other streaming devices such as Firestick, Xbox, and Chromecast to watch all the movies and series available. 

Follow the steps below to Watch CyBC instantly without any hassle:

  • Signup for a Premium VPN (ExpressVPN Recommended)
  • Connect to a Greek server
  • Watch all the FIFA World Cup matches on Watch CyBC

There’s also radio and sports news you can watch through the website. One thing to remember is that CyBC is not available everywhere which is why you will need to use a VPN to assure you can access it from anywhere in the world.

What Channels Does CyBC Have?

CyBC currently has 4 active channels. CyBC 1, CyBC 2 and CyBC HD and an international channel called RIK Sat for the Cypriot people. You can catch up with current affairs as well as political and sports news on CyBC 1. CyBC 1 also has some great documentaries, operas and feature films for its audience.

CyBC 2 is perfect with entertainment media. From Cypriot movies and tv shows to some of the top foreign films and series. It also has children cartoons and some fun music too. You can also watch Greek and Turkish news on CyBC 2. CyBC HD covers international and national sports events like FIFA World Cup, Grand Prix motorcycle racing, Formula 1, Eurovision Song Contest, etc.

RIK Sat is the international service of CyBC airing to Europe and North America. It’s a free-to-air service which the people love. It has most of the CyBC shows and movies available. There’s also another channel called RIK World which is an international version of RIK Sat for the Middle East Asia and the Pacific countries.

Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch CyBC Live Online?

Websites can identify your location from your IP address and the websites like CyBC that are geo-blocked will block your IP address restricting you from using the site and watching the content. A VPN or a Virtual Private Network can solve that problem for you.

A VPN can hide your IP address and allot you a new IP address showing the location you prefer which lets you use websites or applications that are geo-restricted. You need to make sure to get a VPN service that has servers available in the US or Europe. We do not not use a free VPN as websites with high security can detect them and still will not give you access.

Other than using VPN to get access to geo-restricted websites, a VPN also helps in protecting your privacy. If you’re traveling and using a public WiFi it’s very likely that your location and private information will leak on the internet. A good quality VPN can help stop that which is much needed especially when using multiple public WiFi connections.

Wrapping Up!

CyBC is one of the most popular Cypriot broadcasting services available in the US. It’s mainly for the Cypriot Diaspora in the US but people outside the country have quite the interest in it due to its amazing media coverage and awesome tv shows. You unfortunately can’t watch CyBC outside the US and Europe which is why you will need to use a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions and watch your favorite Cypriot shows and movies online!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is CyBC?

CyBC or Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation is a public broadcasting network for the Cypriot Diaspora.

How Can I Watch CyBC Live Online From Anywhere?

If you do not reside in the US or Europe, you may not be able to access CyBC. You will need to use a VPN to access CyBC content.

Is CyBC Available Worldwide?

CyBC is currently only available in the USA and Europe.

Does Android TV Support CyBC?

You can watch CyBC and all it's channels on Android TV by visiting their website that has live tv and a huge content library.