Ultimate Guide to FIFA World Cup Tickets at World Cup 2022

Football fans‘ joy is increasing as the FIFA World Cup 2022 gets closer daily. The Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets are available for the last time for fans to buy. These tickets are to be sold on a first-served basis. Previously, 1.8 million tickets were sold during the first two batches of sales. For instance, the tickets are available at the lowest rate of 250 Qatari Riyals.

All you need to know about FIFA World Cup Tickets

The FIFA World Cup has over three million capacity for tickets, with almost two million for public sales and the remaining for the FIFA stakeholders. According to the sources, the rumored date of sale on tickets closes around August 16th, 2022.

Furthermore, match tickets will be available in four categories, with four tickets reserved for residents of Qatar. Fans are allowed to purchase up to six tickets per match. Moreover, FIFA 2022 has also provided an option to attend more than one group match on the same day with some match compatibility rules.

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People with disabilities are entitled to a dedicated allocation of accessibility tickets. Certainly, this is a golden opportunity to purchase your tickets before the sale ends. Ticketholders must apply for a Hayya Card, be it a local or international fan.

Hayya Card is your entry permit to the State of Qatar and your stadium access (along with the match ticket). Moreover, international fans will also need to confirm their accommodation plans.

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FIFA World Cup Ticket: How to buy and Accommodation in Qatar

Most importantly World Cup tickets can be purchased through the official FIFA website, where fans must register an account on FIFA’s ticket portal. There are over 30,000 rooms available in Qatar, mainly allocated for FIFA guests. For Example, the availability, different offerings are also accessible, from cheapest to expensive. In Addition, Qatar also planned non-hotel accommodation such as making room availabilities in Villas and apartments for fans.

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17$ Billion Increase In Qatari Economy

Meanwhile, Qatar to add $17 billion to its economy because of the November FIFA World Cup 2022. The country is set to attract 1.2 million visitors and will showcase its rapid expansion from a small gulf country to a host country for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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