2022 World Cup Ball: Top Features, Locations & Usability

The FIFA World Cup 2022 has been scheduled to take place in Qatar. Every four years, teams from different countries come together and showcase their football spirit. The World Cup is enjoyed by everyone around the globe. This year, the FIFA World Cup is happening from November 21st to December 18th. Every time the footballs are manufactured to be used in tournaments, that should be progressive. The 2022 World Cup ball is designed by Adidas. 

Significant Features of 2022 World Cup Ball

For the last 14 World Cups, Adidas has been making footballs for the FIFA World Cup. This year, Adidas has named it “Al Rihla” which is an Arabic word for ‘the journey’. The football represents Qatar’s culture, architecture, and flag.

Al Rihla is the first world cup ball which is also going to positively have an impact on lives around the world since 1% of the net sales is going to go to the Common Goal Movement. They are manufactured in Pakistan by Forward Sports, which is a Sialkot-based company. The managing director, Hassan Masood, mentioned that this year up to 3,000 footballs are going to be used in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

It’s made up of recyclable and sustainable materials. The speed shell is one of the main innovations that is directed to increasing the speed of flight and helping with the perfect shot. Before the finalization, the balls were tested at adidas labs and were pitched by the football players themselves. Its new surface texture gives a level of accuracy and reliability in the field.  

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2018 World Cup Ball “Telstar” Analysis 

In 2018, during the FIFA World Cup, the footballs were designed like the iconic 1970 Telstar ball, which had six panels. I also went through testing with major teams ; Argentina, Real Madrid, and Manchester United. It also includes an NFC chip that enables the consumer to use the ball with their smartphone. 

Adidas Brazuca – 2014 Official World Cup Ball

During the FIFA world cup 2014, the football was named by the public. It was an informal term for Brazilian national pride. The design was to symbolize Brazilian life and the Amazon river. It is said to be the most tested ball Adidas has produced.  

Partnership with Adidas

The partnership between FIFA and Adidas goes back around 40 years. Adidas has been producing footballs since the 1970. During every FIFA world cup, Adidas provides its best and unique designs according to the theme and innovative technologies. Adidas also actively takes an initiative for CSR activities. This partnership also gives Adidas licensing and marketing rights and protects its leadership in the world of sports. Even this year the 2022 World Cup ball is also manufactured by Adidas.

Al-Rihla’s journey will reach over the world through the FIFA world cup and is also available to buy on Adidas official website. It is going to be the most exciting and technologically advanced ever! Be ready to stream the FIFA world cup 2022 in November. 

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