Al-Thumama Stadium vs Al-Rayyan Stadium- Which one to choose?

Choosing the best stadium for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar is very important. Although all the eight stadiums are equally amazing. But today we are going to talk about the Al-Thumama Stadium vs Al-Rayyan Stadium.

The country is all set to welcome the players from the 32 national football teams. The first ever FIFA in the middle eastern country. The stadiums are a part of $200 billion infrastructure. It also includes roads, highways, hotels, and stadiums.

The country will also host the FIFA Fan Festival as per the tradition. With outstanding architect and unique accommodation options such as cruise liners or cabin-style.

The Al-Rayyan Stadium


There’s a lot which makes the Stadium even more special and the design is absolute plus point. The design represents the story of Al-Rayyan itself. Some of the best features include.

  • The exterior of Al Rayyan is extremely eye-catching with different patterns.
  • Patterns on the exterior are in geometric shape, found in Islamic art as well.
  • The patterns represents aspects of the country such as beauty, flora, importance of family and local and international trade.
  • Al Rayyan Stadium is a symbol of unity and strength in a country

The Social Factor


As Al-Rayyan has been constructed on site of an old stadium. The majority of the material from the previous venue was also used in the construction.

  • The fine art installation is around the stadium and almost 80% of that is from the old stadium.
  • Even the trees that surrounding the old arena were saved for future planting.
  • There is a metro connectivity to the Al-Rayyan Stadium which reduces in the carbon footprint.
  • There are bike and walking lanes especially located conveniently for the fans.
  •  Some of the measures undertaken include a 125000m² green space, low water consumption plants, and much more.

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Tickets and Upcoming Matches at the Al-Rayyan Stadium

The first match in the Stadium is between Group BUSA and Wales. The ticket for the match starts with $350.00 USD. The next match scheduled is on 23rd November of Group F between Belgium and Canada. The ticket for the match starts with $204.00 USD.

Lasting Legacy


It will have a long-term impact on the Al Rayyan community as one of the best FIFA World Cup tourism sites in Qatar. The Stadium will turn into finest sporting club and be reduced to 20,000 of capacity.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle is among the important parts of Qatar’s National Vision 2030. This would undoubtedly be reached with the new Al-Rayyan Stadium in Qatar.

Six football training pitches, a cycling track, a horse riding track, gym equipment, a cricket pitch, and an athletics track would be available to city residents. Indeed, there is a likelihood that the stadium may become a renowned sporting hub in Al-Rayyan.

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Al-Thumama Stadium


The net worth of this stadium is $342 million. The venue has an expressive form as it is constructed on a perfect circle’s (240 m in diameter) outline.

The stadium aims to develop advanced technologies in terms of eco-materials, energy efficiency, HVAC solutions, environmental sciences, renewable energy, and carbon and climate change. Specialists innovate and test the performance of creative solutions as they have an advanced infrastructure.

Their framework includes a 500 panel solar farm, non solar renewable energy, battery storage system and sustainable cooling plants. Experts develop, create, and test sustainable solutions to see if they work and are appropriate for the area.

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Commitment towards a green tournament

  • The energy site at the stadium had renovated in order to meet the latest energy efficiency standards.
  • It’s design ensures about 40% savings on the fresh water. In fact, they reuse the water to irrigate the greens around the area.
  • There is a 50,000m2 park area with native vegetation and about 400 trees which cover about 84% of the landscape.

Al-Thumama Stadium – Lasting Legacy

Once the competition concludes in Qatar, Al-Thumama will undergo some big improvements. Once the FIFA World Cup is over, the removed seats will go to various sporting organizations around the world.

The FIFA 2022 legacy would grow significantly as a result following the competition. Even though 20,000 seats would removed following the world cup, football games and other athletic events would still take place. Additionally, the local population in the area would have the opportunity to take part in variety of activities.

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Upcoming Matches

An Overview – Al-Thumama Stadium vs Al-Rayyan Stadium

Wrapping up with the comparison guide of two equally amazing stadiums. Both of them has a seating capacity of 40,000 seats. Well, don’t wait up for and grab your tickets to your choice of stadium.